There are many types of marketing companies in existence and they all have different areas of specialisation. If you want to market a brand, product or service on television networks, you should look for marketing companies that have specialised in that area. If billboards and banners are what you want, then you should look for companies that have billboards located in strategic places. Similarly, if you want to market a brand, service or product on the most powerful search engine, Google, you should only consider firms that have specialised in Google marketing.

Since there are many marketing firms that can help you market a product, brand or service on Google, you should not rush to make a decision before you consider all the key factors. Start by searching the web for the best Google marketers and make a list of the top-ranked firms on organic search results. Once you have compiled your shortlist, you can start looking at the following factors:

1. Experience

The number of years different marketing companies have been in business is a key factor to consider. You are looking for a Google marketing company that has been in business for a long time and has previously handled many similar projects. It is recommended you check the number of clients they have worked for and number of campaigns they have run over the years. The similarity of those marketing campaigns to the one you want to run should also be assessed. The ideal marketer must have been around for many years and should have handled many similar projects in the past. Experience is a great teacher, so there is a lot to gain when you hire an experienced service provider.

2. Reputation

You need to carry out some research on the reputation of the shortlisted marketers. This is because you are looking for a trusted and reliable marketing company. The reputation a firm has developed over the years must be considered. By reading reviews, checking ratings and going over testimonials written by previous clients, you can easily decide whether or not a marketer is able to get the job done in a timely manner, within budget and deliver the best possible results.

3. Effectiveness

The quality of service offered by the marketers on your list should be assessed. The easiest way to do this is to look through their portfolios. If you are impressed by the quality of service different marketers have been offering, you can give them special consideration. Marketers that have effectively marketed hundreds of brands, products and services should get special consideration.

4. Service Charges

Marketing on Google can be costly if you decide to use paid ads, such as pay per click advertising. If you use sponsored links on search results, you will also have to pay for every click regardless of whether or not it converts. Organic search engine marketing may be free, but the marketer will charge a service fee. That said, each Google marketing company will quote a different rate, so it is recommended you request quotes from all of them. Be sure to compare them to pick the right marketer for your needs.

5. Guarantees

It is recommended you check whether or not each of the shortlisted firms offers guarantees and assurances. You want a customer satisfaction guarantee, so be sure to hire a firm that offers 100% guaranteed Google marketing services.